Your website for your protection?

With the many changes in legislation it is becoming an increasingly daunting task to keep abreast of the legal requirements associated with the protection of you, your staff and premises.

Through the pages of our website we aim to provide an insight of our company's capabilities and to assist you to understand your legal responsibilities.

We hope you find our website informative. Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.


Established in 1991 as a local Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service company, EFire have developed into a successful self-funded, independent and profitable national Life Safety Systems business, with a team of fire systems experts based in Wymondham, Yorkshire and Wiltshire . Much of our success can be attributed to our founders ethos: "This is a people's business, look after the people and the people will look after you".

Gary Potter
Kevin Sparkes
Roger Sparrow
Mark Tacon

People and culture

We recognise our continued success is reliant on the people we employ and the customers we work for. Both have been equally placed at the forefront of our business plans and it is with this simple approach that we look forward to a great future together.

We hire thoughtfully and proudly employ our mix of pet loving, juke boxing, footballing, motor sporting, tennis playing, river fishing, fine dining, party going, world travelling, young, middle aged and young at heart people. We encourage shared, innovative ideas and support Training Programmes to ensure our workforce continue to be highly motivated and amongst the most skilled and sort after people within our industry.

Our front line Service Support staff are available to help solve your day to day life safety equipment problems. Our team of qualified Project Managers are constantly using their experience to design and install systems that meet and exceed our customer's expectations. And behind our front lines, we have a great team of Customer Service professionals who make sure our service delivery is an uninterrupted success.

Mark Arnold
Shane Wison
Vic Fitches
Mark Secker

Why Us?

We love the business of Fire Protection and Life Safety and we want to make sure you love us too. Whether we are required for the need of a callout or the installation of a new system, we will place the wealth of knowledge and expertise we possess at your disposal. We do not look upon your first point of contact as the last but as the beginning. We believe in long term relationships and are proud of the customers who have placed their business with us.

Kerry Boyd
Kevin Jenkins

Why You?

We are a company which has evolved through working closely with a diverse range of industrial and commercial organisations. It is this diversity which creates innovative ideas, accelerates our processes and work patterns and causes the effect of our change. Without you we would not have evolved from the local Fire Extinguisher company founded in 1991 to our national Fire and Life Safety Systems business of today.

Who believes in us?

With more than 3,500 customers of differing sizes throughout the U.K, we feel confident in saying "they do".

A greener future

We are fully committed to protecting the environment and continually looking for new ways to reduce the impact of the services and products we supply. In 2010 we introduced LED emergency lighting equipment to eliminate the waste caused by the disposal of fluorescent tubes and create energy savings of up to 30%. In 2013/14 we acquired a new fleet of service technician's vehicles with a combined fuel economy of 60.2 mpg and Co2 emissions at 123g/km. In 2014 we employed two retired extinguisher technicians to assist us in our desire to reduce the waste caused by unserviceable fire extinguishers. All unserviceable fire extinguishers are now inspected with all recoverable units being refurbished and placed back in service as "renovates" with a five year life expectancy. In 2014/15 we will continue our green fleet policy with the phase out of our management vehicles in a quest to achieve a 99g/km fleet.