EFire Install Detection and Alarm System for Cambridge International Airport

Posted 14/07/2017

EFire has successfully installed a fire detection and alarm system at Cambridge International Airport to protect the hangar and staff during aircraft spray painting procedures.

The design includes nine Talentum flame detectors and a Fireray 5000 beam detector.

Brian Myall, Fire safety Officer for Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group commented, “Our chosen installer EFire specified Talentum UV/IR2 flame detection and we are very impressed by their performance and reliability so far. Because of the explosive nature of the materials used in the hangar, explosion proof flame detectors were necessary.”

The EFire system will provide protection to a wide variety of aircraft's at this site, as both civilian and military aircraft's are resprayed at this site. Planes as large as a Boeing 747 can be accommodated within the hangar.

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