Fire Warning and Suppression Systems

Very Early and High Sensitive Fire Warning Systems

Very early and high sensitive smoke detection systems, also known as aspirating systems, are highly recommended for the detection of a potential fire hazard in computer and automated processing rooms, data processing centres and archive stores. VESDA and HSSD systems have the capability of detecting the potential of a fire at a very early stage affording critical lead times for investigation and response before damage to your property and assets are incurred.

Although they are highly suitable for integration with gaseous fire suppression systems they are also recommended where early warning or higher sensitivity is required in applications where it is difficult to install and maintain conventional point smoke detectors.

Aspirating smoke detection is a system that uses an aspirating fan to draw air from the protected area via a network of sampling pipes and holes. The sampled air is then passed through a high sensitive detector that analyses the air and generates alarm signals when the predetermined smoke particle level has been reached.

We recommend installing emergency lighting systems to compliment our fire suppression systems. In the case of an emergency and the lighting going out, your staff will be able to navigate themselves to the nearest safe exit.

Fire Suppression Systems

At EFire we integrate fire detection and fire suppression systems to provide the earliest warning against the outbreak of a fire. For over two decades we have designed, installed and maintained fire suppression systems in applications where the risk of fire is inconceivable.

The design and installation of a fire suppression system is a matter that requires expertise to ensure that the risk is covered with the correct suppression agent and detection system..

Our integrated fire detection and fire suppression systems provide the earliest warning and fast elimination against the outbreak of a fire in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. With systems installed in computer and data processing rooms, power stations, kitchens and critical plant rooms we are able to provide you with expert and accurate advice on the system that is best suited to your risk.

Water Mist

Water mist systems provide rapid fire suppression to a wide range of environments, minimising the risk to your people, property and assets whilst addressing environmental considerations. Our highly efficient water mist systems can be installed as an alternative to costly sprinkler systems, with a minimum amount of fine water mist being used to penetrate a fire the down time and refill costs are minimal.


Our inert and chemical clean gas systems provide excellent fire extinguishing properties for sensitive computer, data communication and automated processing equipment. If your company is business reliant on this technology then our gaseous fire suppression systems provide the ability to safeguard your assets, property and your capability to continue to provide services that are business critical.

Our gaseous fire suppression systems are integrated with automatic fire detection, alarm and building management systems to provide the earliest warning of a fire hazard, immediate shutdown of the protected equipment and release of the fire suppressant.

EFire design and install the following integrated fire suppression systems:

  • FM200
  • Inergen
  • Argonite
  • CO2