Intruder and Access Alarm Systems


Intruder alarm systems require maintaining by an approved company in accordance with your insurer's requirements and the recommendations of PD6662/EN50131. As an SSAIB approved company EFire are able to meet with these requirements.

In general, systems that do not have remote signalling to an alarm receiving centre require one visit per year and systems that are connected require two visits.

It is advisable to consult with your insuring company to confirm your responsibilities prior to entering into a contract.

Intruder and Access Alarm Systems

With security being an integral part of our lives we are becoming increasingly dependent on reliable systems to alert us of risk and provide protection against unwanted intrusion, theft and criminal damage.

At EFire we understand the importance of the protection of your people property and assets and it is with this in mind that we design and install intruder alarm and access control systems to assure their safe keeping. Our design and installation team provides the expertise to plan, design and install systems to reduce the potential of such risk in accordance with current European and ACPO standards.

Intruder Alarm

Whether your requirements are for a simple domestic intruder alarm system or a more advanced multi- site system EFire is able to tailor a system to meet with your exact needs.

As the key to a successful intruder alarm system installation is reliability we have carefully selected a range of control panel and detection devices from leading manufacturers' to ensure that all intrusion events are reported with the minimum amount of false alarms.

Alarm Monitoring

How do you protect your people, property and assets around the clock?

EFire has partnered with EMCS to provide 24hr response to all systems requiring constant monitoring by the means of a Redcare or a Digital Communicating system.

Our EMCS connected systems will be continuously monitored and will instantly alert the nominated attending organisation in the event of a signal being detected from the protected property.

Access Control

EFire's comprehensive range of access control systems provides the ability to control the access of people in, out and around buildings, monitor their locations and provide individual user access to highly sensitive areas. Our systems can be standalone or form an integrated solution to the security of your people, property and assets when combined with an intruder alarm and CCTV system.

With different electronic methods of operation being available EFire supply and install systems that employ keypad, proximity card and biometric means of access.

As an assurance to consistent quality EFire has acquired SSAIB approval for the design, installation and maintenance of intruder alarm systems.