A New Location For EFire's Northern Operation!

Posted 11/12/2019

With the lease on our old business centre property in Ossett, West Yorkshire expiring we took a decision to move to a new location which will provide our Northern Operation with greater local visibility. Our new business property is located on the B6421 at 152 Featherstone Lane, Featherstone, West Yorkshire, WF7 6LR.

EFire's relocation took six months of planning and a significant amount of heavy lifting. It was not easy but we are sure it will provide us with a better opportunity as not only do we provide services to national companies but we wish to be seen as a local provider of fire protection and life safety equipment.

The new property will also provide us with much needed space for growth as our business expands and includes a training facility to offer to our customers.

152 Featherstone Lane was chosen as it is directly facing the busy B6421, a thoroughfare located between the towns of Pontefract and Wakefield. This new location will give us an opportunity to be in the heart of the local community, a community we wish to be involved with in the future and hopefully a community who will appreciate the awareness EFire brings to the need for fire and security products.       

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